You will be missed, but never forgotten

Your Loving Memory providing peace and closure to all. The tributes, kind words and heartfelt messages of love is testimony to a life well lived. Through Your Loving Memory, you will never be forgotten.


Leaving Something Behind To Remember Me By

Dealing with death can take time, Your Loving Memory is more than an online memorial, it’s a collaborative space for families and friends to come together to remember the person they love through stories, photos, videos and memories.

Simply by scanning an Embedded QR-Code on a Headstone or Plaque, you will instantly open a portal to a tribute of the person it is dedicated to.

Our Done For You services is available from selected funeral parlours, and is designed around you. Our team will liaise with you to create a fitting tribute portal, with your images, photos, videos, poems, eulogy and memories that can be shared.

Remember them together, from anywhere.

Scroll the phone screen for David Fegan as an example or Click this link to visit the tribute.

Your-loving Memory-Bench1

Scanning an Embedded QR-Code on a Dedicated Plaque, using your mobile phone, you will instantly open a portal to a tribute of the person it is dedicated to.

Your-loving Memory-Bench2

Your Loving Memory can provide details of Plaque Engravers or provide you with the High Resolution Unique QR-Code for you to use and transfer.


Our Memories keep us Alive

Your Loving Memory allows you to reflect and share everything that was special about a lost loved one. Creating something that will be cherished, leaving a lasting legacy of memories


Love doesn’t die, People do

In the words of Peter Pan, “to die would be an awfully big adventure”, for some it is just the beginning of another chapter, and for others its testimony to a life well-lived


Places of Reflection

With Your Loving Memory we can provide uniquely coded plaques which, when scanned by your mobile, will allow the viewer access to the dedicated tributes, thoughts and memories from loved ones