Paying Respects to Our Pets

Our pets are our best friends. A personal Tribute will bring comfort to the family, where they can view, remember, and share memories of the good times and fun we all have watching them grow and become there own personalities, after all our pets are part of our families.


Keeping Every Memory

Each and everyone of our pets has their own personality, and so many memories are captured on a day to day basis. YLM gives you an opportunity to put everything in one place, to reflect upon and carry with you forever.


They are more than just pets

Some of us have been fortunate to grow up around animals to the point where they are part of the family. And just like a member of the family, when they become unwell, we care for them, and should they pass, one would expect that their memories would be saved and cherished.


A Loving Friend

Some of us can't imagine a day without the friendly welcome from our pets, as they rush to meet you when returning home. You are as much a part of their world as they are yours. But when they are gone, all you have to fill the void, are memories. YLM have created a platform to re-visit all those wonderful memories, again and again.