Not Every Hero Wears a Cape

Your Loving Memory Military Tributes is an online destination where family and friends can view, remember and share tributes to their loved ones lost during battle and in peacetime. Service men and women who fought for our freedom.

Gone But Never Forgotten


Pay Tribute Not Just One Day a Year


Support the Poppy Appeal

How your donations help

During the Poppy Appeal and all year round, we provide support for members of the Royal Navy, British Army, Royal Air Force, veterans and their families. By making a donation, you could help those in need within our Armed Forces community.


A Hero’s Grace

There are those, among our best,
who answered the nation’s call

Who left home and love and feathered nests
to preserve freedom for us all

They would balk at the label “hero”
and deny the laurel crest

But as time follows them
as it tails us all – to lay us to our rest

we have but one last chance
to stay the cold, to raise the bugle bold

To cast honor over all their days
and give tribute, in tradition’s mold

That we may reflect on this hero’s grace
and glories left untold.


Digital Military Tributes, the age of the mobile phone is on us, and technology has given us a gift. A simple QR-Code on a grave or memorial plaque, accessed by the camera on a mobile phone, can opened a window into the past, giving us the means to remember special memories of those we have lost in conflict, telling their story through photos, letters, videos and audio recordings, so that we can pay their sacrifice the respect it deserves, whenever and wherever we want, forever. 


Why confine medals & achievements to a box

In life we achieve many things, in death we achieve even more. Why should we confine our accolades to a box in the attic. Pride in what we have done is what character is made of, and we would like to think that our actions and achievements has made our loved ones proud.


We all should be remembered

The many letters that were sent home during war time the stories of bravery, courage and determination, by sharing such historical words with family and friends, you can inspire, bring comfort and appreciation for everything that was sacrificed for us all.


War is ugly, but life should be celebrated

Armistice Day is commemorated on the 11th of November, paying homage to the fallen, a single day to remember the millions who died in service. Those we love and have lost during combat or peacetime can now be remembered all year round with YLM Military Tributes.

Create a Living History Memorial


Continue to Build Your Military Tribute

We encourage people to share the tributes they have created, as we have discovered that everybody has a story to tell or a memory to share. in many cases family and friends discover long lost photos and letters tucked away in an old album that hasn't seen the light of day for many years.

It is moment of discovery like this that bring your tribute to life. Your tribute can grow as photos, letters and keepsakes are discovered and transferred to the digital platform to be shared with anyone you wish.

Your Loving Memory can provide a unique QR-Code that can be printed on to cards, plaques, embed in headstones creating a nostalgic portal into the past, paying tribute  and celebrating a life in a digital format, allowing everyone to remember them together, form anywhere.

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