Taking Digital Archiving to a Whole New Level

YLM Enterprises specialises in Digitalising and Preserving Your Memories.

Your Loving Memory

An online memorial tribute, accessed by your mobile phone. A collaborative space for family and friends to come together to remember the person they love, through stories, photos, videos, and memories. YLM Tributes can be created for fallen Military Heroes, past friends, and even missed pets, click below for more details.

Your Lasting Memory

A Digital Archiving Service. YLM has teamed with specialists from the British Library to carry out extensive research into the archives of historic buildings and events. Bringing to life and revealing the real history, the people, and the facts and true stories hidden within the rumors and memories. The most recent project is Oaklands College St Albans, with over 100 years of history to discover.

Your Loving Moments

A Celebration platform that can be shared with Family and Friends. YLM Celebrations can play host to all the great memories in life, from Births and Birthdays, Coming of Age Celebrations, Engagements, Weddings, Anniversaries, in fact any celebration you can think of. A 'Done For You' service, where we create a complete online destination for all your photos, videos, letters of congratulations, Audio & Video Messages, and so much more.