You will be missed, but never forgotten

YLM stands for many things, with Your Loving Memory providing peace and closure to all,  Your Loving Moments capturing those pivotal achievements and miles stones in your life, and Your Lasting Memory creating a digital archive and a portal into the past.

Using QR-Code Technology to Record and Recall a Life of Memories for Future Generations

Your Loving Memory

Your Loving Memory providing peace and closure to all. The tributes, kind words and heartfelt messages of love is testimony to a life well lived. Through Your Loving Memory, you will never be forgotten.


Your Loving Moments

Your Loving Moments provides an online Digital Celebration that captures the every milestone and life event. Giving family and friends a platform to post tributes and well wishes that can be shared and cherished forever.


Your Lasting Memory

Your Lasting Memory - A Digital Story Telling platform where any historic archive comes to life. Whether you want to remember a war hero or an institution, your mobile phone is a key to a portal that opens a window into the past.